R&D Claims Explained

Do you make advancements in your field of work?
Are your creating new or improved products/processes?
Are you duplicating existing products or processes in an improved way? e.g, faster, cheaper, less waste etc.
Does the company employ technical staff, engineers, software developers, testers, scientists etc?

Benefits of R&D

The UK Government has a surprisingly wide definition of R&D for tax purposes. It covers ‘activities that overcome uncertainties’, aimed at achieving a technological or scientific advancement.

R&D tax relief is given either as cash back or a reduction in a company’s corporation tax liability. Even if you have received an R&D grant it does not preclude you from making an R&D tax relief claim.

Benefits of working with MSC

Our work carries a performance guarantee – if we 
are not successful, there is no cost to you.
We have a 100% track record
We have a really efficient process which optimises your teams input time whilst maximising the claim value
We prepare reports for HMRC from a technical, 
not an accountancy standpoint
We work with your own accountant to validate 
the historical financial data
HMRC process claims within 28 days of submission
We only ask for payment when you have 
received the benefit.
What’s R&D Tax Relief?
How do I know If I am eligible?