Shropshire Petals

About The Company

Shropshire Petals is a family business established more than 20 years ago by Michael and Rosemary Bubb. The business is run today by their sons Jon and Jim, with Jon coordinating the arable side of the farm and Jim managing the flowers side. Originally specialists in dried flowers, a decline in market demand has led the company to diversify into growing and producing wheat for wheat arrangements and natural petal confetti for weddings.

in 2005 Shropshire Petals decided to enhance their product and launch natural petal confetti. The product is based on natural, biodegradable and eco-friendly petals which are dried naturally, keeping their vibrant colours and handpick to minimise bruising and maximize quality.

It was this multi-discipline innovation work which led Shropshire Petals to look further into benefiting from an R&D Tax Relief claim and working with MSC Associates. We caught up with Michael Bubb to find out more about the process from his perspective;

Claim Successful

Flower density trials to improve yields and reduce wastage

About the claim

How much did you know about R&D Tax Relief claims before speaking with MSC?

I first heard about it in a university course from an accountant who was very enthusiastic about the prospect. I then spoke to our accountant who was not as excited and did not feel very confident about making a claim. I then spoke with my contacts in the industry who felt I should consider it and recommended I spoke with MSC Associates.

Did you originally think that you could claim against R&D?

I always thought that as one of only two growers of this product in the UK I might have a case for a claim. Still, it was hard to get your head around and understand how to put a case together as it’s a very specialist area.

What were your main concerns?

I am always a little apprehensive about making claims to HMRC. It’s one of these areas that I am tempted to leave well alone. However, MSC has an accountant on board who could deal directly with our accountant which made me feel better about things. Aside from that, I felt that the R&D tax claim process was put there to make British business compete better worldwide and we were achieving just that with our innovation.

How did you find the process of working with MSC?

They are a great team, talk our language and understand our world which is key to me in terms of working relations. The process is a challenge to the business as there are quite a few strands to pull from different parts. However, the team at MSC have been fantastic at leading the process, asking the right questions and tailoring their process so it fitted with our needs. Above all, I would say that their experience was paramount to building good and justifiable case.

In addition, I was very impressed with the fact that we could put the salaries of the whole development team towards the claim. I wholly agree with this because developing a product is not just about conducting trials in isolation but the whole process of innovation and development. The team at MSC has explained this process very clearly and set out precisely the information required from us which speed things up.

Would you recommend MSC Associates to others in your industry?

In my opinion, anyone who runs a business must take the time to innovate and develop their product. Whilst it is impossible to foresee the result, you and your team must go through this process to fail, learn and ultimately grow the business.

The Team at MSC are instrumental in helping businesses go through constant innovation as they can support you in making successful claims which help to finance the process of innovation and problem-solving.