Freshfields Fruit

About The Company

A long-standing traditional family-run farm, Freshfields Fruit was incorporated in March 2013 by brothers Paul and James Hawkins. Having grown more traditional produce for years, the company has diversified into growing seasonal, high-value products such as strawberries and asparagus.

The nature of growing seasonal, high-value products provides a relatively short period in which sales income is generated. To maximize on this and improve yields Freshfields Fruit began to trial new growing methods which support varieties maturing either early or later in the season. This meant that they can sell produce at high demand, low supply times thus maximizing the return from each season.

It was this innovation work which led Freshfields Fruit to look further into benefiting from R&D Tax Relief and working with MSC Associates. We caught up with Paul Hawkins to find out more about the process from his perspective;

Claim Successful

Development and integration of custom designed production processes

About the claim

How much did you know about R&D Tax Relief claims before speaking with MSC?

We heard about the possibility from our accountant and other people in the industry. In other words, we were aware that it was available but not very much beyond this.

Did you originally think that you could claim against R&D?

We knew we were doing the kind of work that the relief was created for and our accountant certainly felt that we had a reasonable case. When we had the meeting with the guys at MSC it became very apparent that we had a strong case. 

What were your concerns?

Running a busy and seasonal business, we were particularly concerned about the time it will take to complete. As tax is not our area of expertise we were concerned with how much work we would have to put in, to get the claim processed.

How did you find the process of working with MSC?

It was straightforward and easy; The team at MSC specified the information they required us to supply and proceeded to run and conclude the process completely independently. Their experience in the field is invaluable and they therefore know exactly what to look for to make a successful, rapid claim.

Would you recommend them to others in your industry?

Absolutely. I would say that on face value the service may appear expensive but it’s worth it both from time-saving and increased chances of concluding a successful claim. In our case, had we not worked with the team at MSC we will not have submitted the claim in time.