Cyberstein Robots Ltd

About The Company

Cyberstein Robots was founded in 2001 and specialises in robotic entertainment. Their most successful product is ‘Titan the Robot’, a market leader in the industry. They now have six robots they hire out around the world for corporate events, major sporting events, shopping mall, exhibitions, film premiers, TV work and much more.

It was their continual product development through research and development work which led Cyberstein Robots to look further into benefiting from an R&D tax claim and to working with MSC Associates. The relationship has now developed into a long standing one as the companies have now worked together for over three years.

We caught up with their Business Development and Operations Manager, Mark Woods to find out more about the process from his perspective;

Claim Successful

Unique and bespoke robotics design and development

About the claim

How much did you know about R&D Tax Claims before speaking with MSC?

Having just joined the company at the time, I knew little about it myself though approached our accountant who did not feel we had much of a claim. I then met up with an online security company at a DIT event and their MD told me about the success they had with R&D Tax Relief. He then recommended I spoke with the team at MSC Associates and I followed up.

Did you originally think that you could claim against R&D?

I joined the company to improve business practices and tax breaks was one of the areas I was considering. To be successful in our industry we need to keep innovating and bring in constant product updates so this is part of our day to day. I was keen to see if we could put this work forward and receive a benefit for it.

What were your main concerns?

I didn’t have any as I just went through the process with an open mind to see if we could make it work.

How did you find the process of working with MSC?

I found them very good and amenable. Being based down in Cornwall it is sometimes hard to get people to come and see us in person. However, Mick and Steve of MSC took the time to come down and see us which was key to us. Their engineering background also appealed to us and the overall simplicity of the process and time demand on us.

Titan Testimonial

Would you recommend MSC Associates to others in your industry?

We are very fortunate to be unique in our industry, and as a result don’t have a large industry network. However, I would have no hesitation in recommending MSC Associates to others and have in fact introduced them to my accountant already.

Our ongoing relationship with the team at MSC is because they make the claim process very simple through their internal systems and clear communication. Their success rate is also a key factor when considering a partner. We have changed some of our internal systems due to working with MSC, which has been very beneficial.  For example, we now get our accounts done much earlier in the year and tend to look at the expenditure data more carefully.