Comtherm Limited

About The Company

Established in 1974, Comtherm Limited has over forty years of experience in the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of industrial combustion equipment for the commercial, industrial and process heating markets. The company currently has two sites in Droitwich, from which products are designed, built and distributed to customers worldwide.

Throughout its history, Comtherm has taken advantage of technological advances to help improve and increase product range and quality. It was their ability to provide tailored technological solutions to their clients which led Comtherm to look further into benefiting from an R&D Tax Relief claim and to working with MSC Associates.

Claim Successful

Design and development of bespoke industrial combustion equipment and processes

About the claim

How much did you know about R&D Tax Claims before speaking with MSC?

Absolutely nothing at all. Like everybody else I get a lot of emails about how I could be saving money and thought it was just another one of those. However, once I spoke to a business colleague about it he recommended that I look into the process so I agreed to meet with the guys at MSC and never looked back.

Did you originally think that you could claim against R&D?

Before meeting with MSC I simply did not know.  Initially, we did not recognise that we did a lot of research and developments through our day to day work with clients. The guys at MSC have demonstrated that our Green Credentials and improvements for clients were the key components in our case.

What were your main concerns?

We were very concerned about having to spend a lot of valuable time out of the business to complete the claim in the first place without knowing that we would be successful.

How did you find the process of working with MSC?

Our experience was very positive, the rewards were fantastic and the time spent was minimal;

Initially it was an hour meeting with Mick and Steve, with whom we got on really well, particularly as they both have an engineering background and spoke our language. They gave us a list of the information required which took 2-3 hours to compile. The team at MSC were then able to get on with the project.

Would you recommend MSC Associates to others in your industry?

We would not hesitate to recommend MSC Associates both on the people and process fronts. If you are in engineering, you will be solving clients’ problems as a matter of course and this is enough to allow you to make a claim. You still need to use someone who knows how to put it across and MSC can certainly make a successful case for you.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider them:

  1. The ease and simplicity of the process which MSC had created
  2. Their engineering background makes it much simpler as they understand the industry well
  3. The success of the claim was beyond our expectation and made a real difference to us in the last four years. This has allowed us to employ more people, invest in new systems and update our technology which is exactly what R&D tax claims are for.