Resolve Information Technology Ltd

About The Company

Formed in 2001, Resolve IT is a family run business owned by Tim and Carol Winstanley.

Since their formation, the business has continued to develop it’s skills to keep pace with evolving technology and the technical know-how to install and support it.

It was this ability to apply their skill to new problems which provided the backbone to their R&D tax claim. We caught up with Tim Winstanley to find out more about the process from his perspective;

Claim Successful

Complex bespoke software design and development

About the claim

How much did you know about R&D Tax Claims before speaking with MSC?

I was aware it existed particularly through work we did with accountancy firms in the past. Still it was not something I looked into further.

Did you originally think that you could claim against R&D?

I thought we had some potential for a claim as we naturally do R&D work in our day to day. However, I would not have had the confidence to go forward with it without MSC’s assessment and support.

What were your main concerns?

I was expecting the process to be highly bureaucratic and disruptive for the business. I imagined I would have to go through a prolonged form filling exercise then get nothing to show for my trouble.

How did you find the process of working with MSC?

It was ludicrously straightforward! They make the whole process incredibly professional and easy. First, they talked us through the process using their technical and industry knowledge to understand what we do. They then sent us a spreadsheet defining exactly what information they need. From that they handled the rest of the process themselves and worked directly with our accountant. So far, we have been successful in both our claims within the time frame advised.

Would you recommend MSC Associates to others in your industry?

I would certainly recommend that if you have a software company you have an initial discussion with the guys at MSC. Their knowledge is so high both of the scheme and the industry that they can predict outright if you have the basis for a claim. They do not waste your time or theirs as they are highly professional, specialist and knowledgeable.